The Motor Insurer Bureau (‘MIB’)

What is the MIB?

If you have been involved in an accident with a driver who is not insured, or who flees the scene i.e ‘hit and run’, you may still be able to pursue a claim and receive compensation! The MIB has been created to assist you if you are a victim and cannot get hold of the other drivers’ details.

If you are not able to claim compensation from a traditional insurance company, then do not worry as we may be able to claim for you through the MIB, thus attempt to secure the best possible settlement/conclusion for you.

The main purpose of the MIB is to ensure that the process is fair for all victims involved in road traffic accidents and whether or not the other person is legally insured, this should not have an effect on you receiving compensation for the injuries and losses suffered.

‘Hit and Run’ are classed as Untraced Drivers

The process is simple.

The MIB investigate and arrange all appointments which are necessary such as the medical appointments (to determine the extent of your injuries), physiotherapy treatment (to assist with the recovery of your injuries) and any other treatment that is needed.

Here at Din Solicitors, we must upload all of your details online on a secure portal accessed only by Din Solicitors employees. Once your details have been uploaded the MIB will then begin their investigations. We will ensure we keep updated with the MIB whilst they are carrying out these investigations on your case, through actively requesting updates at the relevant stages.

‘Uninsured Drivers’

Before the MIB are passed our Uninsured Drivers’ cases, we ensure this is the correct route through undertaking our own checks beforehand. Such checks may involve placing the third-party vehicle registration into the Motor Insurance Database and applying to the DVLA. If no valid details are received following these applications, then the MIB is the route to exhaust.

The process for pursuing a claim against Uninsured Drivers’ is simple, however we are more actively involved in the investigation process compared to that of an Untraced Drivers’.

Generally, the MIB process involves them arranging to obtain a statement from claimants in a place of mutual convenience. Of course, this involves direct contact with claimants which forms part of the MIB’s investigation.

Driving without valid motor insurance is a criminal offence and anyone who is caught will be committing an offence. This could result in 6 penalty points on your driving licence. The MIB also work alongside the police in trying to spot uninsured drivers.