Our solicitors will do everything possible to help you receive compensation for claims arising out of injury/illness during your holiday abroad.

Don’t worry as we cover, all-inclusive cruise incidents, food poisoning and other sickness related claims.

We at Din Solicitors can recover for the ruin of your holiday with a realistic and deserved amount based upon the severity of injury/illness.

From the start of your free consultation till the end when you receive your compensation we will guide you every step of the way.

Food poisoning claims are more common abroad than you think so you are not alone when it comes claiming compensation.

If the incident occurred whilst on land you have 3 years from the date of the incident to claim and if the incident occurs whilst at sea you have 2 years to claim.

If you have been subjected to illness whilst abroad follow these steps to make a claim.

1. Report your suspected case of food poisoning straight away and seek medical attention.

2. Take photographs of food being served raw, dirty, undercooked, with contaminants in.

3. Get names and addresses of other Hotel guests who have been affected.

4. Report the problems to your holiday rep and ask that they record them in writing and make an entry in their accident book.

5. List everything you ate in the previous 24 hours.

This evidence will help ensure a member of our team is well equipped to deal with third party insurers who are becoming increasingly dismissive, unfair and irrational in their frantic attempts to avoid settlement.

Injury in a public sector
At Din we deal with all sorts of accidents and compensation claims at work.

If you believe you have been involved in an accident at work that was your employers fault or someone else’s, then we require you to ascertain as much information as possible so we can weigh whether your place of work has failed to provide a safe working environment.

Once this information has been gathered, we will discuss the extent of your injury and the circumstances in which the incident occurred.