Our mission is to provide the best legal service at a competitive price.

At Din, our mission is to provide the best legal services when you need it the most. We are a single and fully integrated firm founded on strong leadership that empowers us to challenge ourselves and devote our expertise to complex challenges our clients face.

We cover a number of practice areas and specialise in family law, commercial litigation and civil litigation. We understand the delicate circumstances of certain cases, and have a legal team that combine a focused and experienced approach to secure you the best possible outcome. Our positive results are achieved through determination, and practical application of innovative legal solutions. Our team of qualified solicitors will support you and guarantee your interests are safeguarded whilst ensuring your desired outcome is achieved with minimal hindrance.

Commercial Litigation

We cover all areas of disputes related to property, and business that maybe in
the UK or in foreign jurisdiction. Our solicitors advise on whether disputes should go through the
courts, or through other alternative dispute resolutions such as negotiation, mediation.

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Civil Litigation

We also cover legal disputes between parties that seek money damages as a
resolution, rather than criminal sanctions. The areas we cover are: Road traffic accidents, slip and
trips, accidents at work, holiday sickness, occupant liability and employer liability.

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Wills & Probate

If you require assistance in amending or creating a will through probate we can
help. As such dealings stem from sensitive topics our confidential and respectful team will provide
you with a free consultation.

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Family Law

Within the field of Family law, we have experienced lawyers dealing with a wide range of cases in
relation to family; including divorce, child contact, family dispute and domestic violence.

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Debt Recovery

With experience in all areas of debt collection, we provide a quick hassle-free service,
alleviating you from the issues of recovery and getting you the best possible result.

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Meet The Team

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